Resources for journalists

If you’re working on a story about working-class issues, we can help.  We’ve worked with journalists from around the world, providing expert insight, background information, and contacts with other potential sources.  For assistance, contact John Russo.


4 Responses to Resources for journalists

  1. Kate Webb says:

    I’m writing on boredom at work. Can you point me to any studies/articles or people who want to talk about it?


  2. Carla says:

    I wish you had a Search button. I’d like to read all of your posts that talk about race, including those about the white working class, the black working class, the Latino working class, etc and coalition-building across racial/ethnic lines (or the lack thereof).


  3. Mike McLain says:

    I am Trying to find any articles and information on the percentages of Blue Collar Workers/working class individuals in the american economy. can you help?


    • rita addessa says:

      Excellent daily source in addition to Working Class Studies is Professor David Ruccio, Ph.D. Notre Dame who blogs at also excellent Real World Economic Review – Free subscription and via Ruccio I receive daily “occasional” notes -superb data – charts – graphs narrative. One can find Ruccio and others’ writings there. Solidarity Rita Addessa


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