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Reporting from the Ground Up

A few months ago, we wrote about Kelli Cole, a journalism student at Youngstown State University, whose senior project is an investigation of why there is such performance disparity between two public high schools in our area. East High School’s … Continue reading

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The De Facto Unemployment Rate: 25.12%.

Ever since the early 1980s, residents of the Youngstown area have always been skeptical of government’s official unemployment rate. In 1982, the official unemployment rate hit 24.9% but declined to around 12% in early 1984. The Ohio governor and city … Continue reading

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Youngstown’s Future and the “Tech Belt Megapolitan”

Youngstown 2010, the city’s award winning community plan, is structured around four principles that have provided the framework for all of the work that has followed: Accepting that Youngstown is a smaller city Defining Youngstown’s role in the new regional … Continue reading

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To Race and Class Add Religion

Discussions of race and class often ignore religion, relegating it to the distant margins or explaining it away as a cover for something else.  If we examine American history, as historian Mark Noll does in God and Race in American … Continue reading

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Health care for all: caring for the uninsured

As Jack Metzgar wrote last week, health coverage is an important issue for the working class.  As health insurance becomes less available and as urban hospitals around the country restructure, working-class people are bearing the brunt of the health care … Continue reading

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Economic hope for the Mahoning Valley

On August, 21, 2008 General Motors’ CEO Rick Wagoner stood on a makeshift stage in front of a packed audience of Lordstown autoworkers, state and local politicians, and civic leaders from the Mahoning Valley to announce that his troubled global … Continue reading

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Move That Bus!

One of the things that attracted me to the Center for Working-Class Studies at Youngstown State University is its focus on “bread and butter” issues. As a new faculty affiliate of the center, I now help spotlight and evaluate some … Continue reading

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