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The Future of the Working Class, Part II

Graduation season has drawn to a close, and given the economy, both high school and college graduates now face uncertain futures.  For generations, American parents expected their children to achieve greater economic and social status than they did.  Surveys show … Continue reading

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New Survey Results: What the Working Class Thinks about Obama and the Economy

During the 2008 election and since the start of the economic crisis, I’ve spoken with dozens of journalists from around the world who all want to know one thing:  what do working-class people think?  It’s standard practice for journalists to … Continue reading

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Crisis and Coverage: Hearing Working-Class Voices

For generations, people have understood and accepted that the news media has the power to set the public agenda through how it covers major stories.  How well does the media bear that responsibility?  Some argue that the news is gathered … Continue reading

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1930s Redux? The Working Class and the Economic Crisis

The current economic crisis is the result of the financial practices of the past decade, but we talk about it as if it were a new thing.  We also focus on what the crisis means for banks, insurance companies, and … Continue reading

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