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New Survey Results: What the Working Class Thinks about Obama and the Economy

During the 2008 election and since the start of the economic crisis, I’ve spoken with dozens of journalists from around the world who all want to know one thing:  what do working-class people think?  It’s standard practice for journalists to … Continue reading

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Beyond the Bailout: Why We Need a Regional Effort

Winter came early to the Mahoning Valley this year. Just last August the corporate, union, and political leadership of our community gathered in a makeshift auditorium on the floor of the Lordstown plant to hear GM’s CEO Rick Waggoner pledge  … Continue reading

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Bail Out the Working Class

I don’t mean to be snide-okay, I do mean to be snide-but does anyone else share my concern that the leaders of the Big Three Automakers have yet to figure out how best to travel to Washington D.C. in early … Continue reading

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