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Why Access to Lawyers Matters for the Working Class

The inability of many working-class families to afford legal services is making the protections of the due process clause of the constitution elusive to a growing segment of American citizens . This is not an abstract theory.  It has  become … Continue reading

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Base Jumping: The Democrats and the Working Class

I have to admit that I am somewhat amused at the intellectual poking and prodding being done by pundits–particularly Democrats–as they analyze the results of the November midterm election.  It’s as if they’re a gaggle of pathologists standing around a … Continue reading

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The Democrats and Social Classes

It’s more than a little frustrating trying to follow Democrats’ analysis of social classes in this country.  Most of the time now, there are only two classes – the rich (very precisely defined as those with at least $250,000 in … Continue reading

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Disconnected, Disenfranchised, and Poor: Addressing Digital Inequality in America

Reports that 79% of Americans now use the internet should not obscure the needs and problems of those lacking internet access or computer literacy.  In today’s information-based economy, internet access and computer literacy are crucial to economic growth at all … Continue reading

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CWCS Poll: The Midterm Election and the American Dream

The “enthusiasm gap” between Republicans and Democrats widely reported by the national news media in recent weeks is not apparent in the results of the latest on-line public opinion survey conducted by the Center for Working-Class Studies (CWCS) at Youngstown … Continue reading

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