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Working-Class Cool

Is it “cool” to call yourself “working class”?  Maybe, in bohemia, it always has been, but when I stumbled across two online projects out of Brooklyn, I was intrigued.  What should we think about their use of “working class” as … Continue reading

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Unions, Democrats, and Working-Class Interests

The labor movement has historically been the most effective representative of working-class interests.  The short list of labor’s achievements include ending child labor; establishing the eight-hour day and minimum and “living” wages, unemployment insurance and workers compensation, occupational safety and … Continue reading

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The House is on Fire

A few weeks ago, Charlie Rose facilitated a discussion about the perils of the U.S. national debt among a thoughtful, articulate group of one politician, two businessmen, and two economists.  Except for a brief discussion of the bond market, I … Continue reading

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