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The Future of the Working Class, Part II

Graduation season has drawn to a close, and given the economy, both high school and college graduates now face uncertain futures.  For generations, American parents expected their children to achieve greater economic and social status than they did.  Surveys show … Continue reading

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Deja Vu All Over Again

In mid-October of 1992 I was working as the Director of Communications and Public Policy for Local 880 of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union.  It was an exciting time.  A young, virtually unknown governor named Bill Clinton had … Continue reading

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Bad Girls: Social Class, Gender, Race, and the World’s Oldest Profession

Recently, I spent a weekend reviewing music videos that would help bring Sociology to life for my students. Reflecting upon what my life had been like as a college student, I remembered the music that was popular my freshman year. … Continue reading

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New Survey Results: What the Working Class Thinks about Obama and the Economy

During the 2008 election and since the start of the economic crisis, I’ve spoken with dozens of journalists from around the world who all want to know one thing:  what do working-class people think?  It’s standard practice for journalists to … Continue reading

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