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Tax Not in Anger

I’m for increasing taxes on “the rich” for the same reason Willie Sutton robbed banks: “That’s where the money is.” I do not resent people for being rich and have no desire to “punish them for being successful,” as conservatives … Continue reading

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Crisis and Coverage: Hearing Working-Class Voices

For generations, people have understood and accepted that the news media has the power to set the public agenda through how it covers major stories.  How well does the media bear that responsibility?  Some argue that the news is gathered … Continue reading

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Who Really Runs the Place

Memories may be fading, but I’m sure most of you have some vague recollection of last year’s presidential election. Come on, you remember.  Lots of bad TV commercials.  Debates that weren’t.  New and vibrant versus old and tired.  America turned … Continue reading

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