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Faith, Sin, and Seeking Justice in the Lives of Working-Class Men and Women

In his new book, Justified By Work, sociologist Robert Bruno shows us that religious faith matters for the working-class men and women of Chicago-area congregations-Christian, Muslim, and Jewish–by infusing their lives with meaning, shoring up their sense of identity, and … Continue reading

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Reporting from the Ground Up

A few months ago, we wrote about Kelli Cole, a journalism student at Youngstown State University, whose senior project is an investigation of why there is such performance disparity between two public high schools in our area. East High School’s … Continue reading

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Can Labor Mount a Comeback?

The changes so evident in many aspects of American life appear to favor the resurgence of a powerful labor movement. How likely, in fact, is that to occur? Union leaders like John L. Lewis, George Meany, and Walter Reuther once helped shape American economic … Continue reading

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The De Facto Unemployment Rate: 25.12%.

Ever since the early 1980s, residents of the Youngstown area have always been skeptical of government’s official unemployment rate. In 1982, the official unemployment rate hit 24.9% but declined to around 12% in early 1984. The Ohio governor and city … Continue reading

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Working-Class Education and Economic Stimulus

Claiborne Pell, the man largely responsible for the creation of the Pell Grants program that has helped so many working-class students afford to attend college, died on Thursday.  Pell Grants are more important these days than ever.  As a recent … Continue reading

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