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A Stimulus Package for the Working Class

It’s no secret that President-elect Obama and his economic team are assembling the components of the much-needed economic stimulus package they will propose in late January.  It’s also no secret that the proposal will include hundreds of billions of dollars … Continue reading

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Beyond the Bailout: Why We Need a Regional Effort

Winter came early to the Mahoning Valley this year. Just last August the corporate, union, and political leadership of our community gathered in a makeshift auditorium on the floor of the Lordstown plant to hear GM’s CEO Rick Waggoner pledge  … Continue reading

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The White Working-Class Vote in 2008

Progressive Democrats, nudged over the past eight years by progressive social scientists like Ruy Teixeira and Larry Bartels, are frustrated that white working-class voters don’t support Democratic presidential candidates.  Special attention was paid to this part of the white vote … Continue reading

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A Recipe for Hunger

With less than a month left before Christmas, those who can afford it have already begun to plan their holiday meals. But for a growing number of Americans, Christmas will be a day when they go without food or lack … Continue reading

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Bail Out the Working Class

I don’t mean to be snide-okay, I do mean to be snide-but does anyone else share my concern that the leaders of the Big Three Automakers have yet to figure out how best to travel to Washington D.C. in early … Continue reading

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