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1930s Redux? The Working Class and the Economic Crisis

The current economic crisis is the result of the financial practices of the past decade, but we talk about it as if it were a new thing.  We also focus on what the crisis means for banks, insurance companies, and … Continue reading

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Youngstown’s Future and the “Tech Belt Megapolitan”

Youngstown 2010, the city’s award winning community plan, is structured around four principles that have provided the framework for all of the work that has followed: Accepting that Youngstown is a smaller city Defining Youngstown’s role in the new regional … Continue reading

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To Race and Class Add Religion

Discussions of race and class often ignore religion, relegating it to the distant margins or explaining it away as a cover for something else.  If we examine American history, as historian Mark Noll does in God and Race in American … Continue reading

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Improving Working-Class Education

Conventional wisdom tells us that these days everyone has to go to college.  It’s become what high school once was:  the basic requirement for employment. That may be an exaggeration, but even if college isn’t absolutely necessary, it does increase … Continue reading

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