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Move That Bus!

One of the things that attracted me to the Center for Working-Class Studies at Youngstown State University is its focus on “bread and butter” issues. As a new faculty affiliate of the center, I now help spotlight and evaluate some … Continue reading

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Getting it wrong: how the media talks about class

A few weeks ago, Republican presidential hopeful John McCain was in Sturgis, N.D. for a biker’s rally. The rally was comprised largely of veterans, a crowd, according to much mainstream media, a colorful segment of the oft touted, much coveted, … Continue reading

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Republicans and the Working Class?

Last week, Jack Metzgar considered how definitions of class are being used in political analysis, noting that the press and some political analysts have defined the working class either as those who don’t have a college education or as those … Continue reading

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“Waitress Moms” and “Stupid White Men”

As Sherry pointed out last week and as comments on her post suggest, people involved in working-class studies define the working class in many different ways. While we still manage to have productive discussions, our definitions shape what we see … Continue reading

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